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Investing Made Fun

Play Win Invest is the first web-based game that gives young black professionals & college students vital financial knowledge. We make it fun to learn to invest & grow your wealth, while also rewarding their effort with big prizes every single week!

Best of all, yes, it will be free for all players!

Play Win Invest
A comic panel showing multiple BIPOC college characters. The first panel shows an optimistic young woman with pink hair, looking up with her hands on her hips, and a speech bubble that says, "Are you a Black college student or young professional, between ages 18 to 39?" Second panel shows a young man with a beard, sitting at his computer, saying, "Want to make more money?" Third panel is an optimistic young male college student, his jacket slung over his shoulder, looking upward and saying, "Investing is the key to sustainable wealth & Play Win Invest can you get started!" The fourth panel is a stylish young woman with curly natural hair, lounging on a comfy couch, saying, "Top weekly scores can win between $75 - $500 to invest while learning & building a portfolio." The final panel shows the same pink-haired woman from panel 1, standing in front of a blackboard that reads, "Whatcha waitin for?!" The woman says with a wry smile, "Spots are limited, so sign up now because Play Win Invest is coming soon!"
Play, Win, Invest. Financial Game launching soon!
Play Win Invest

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